Return of the Jonas Brothers

Shown Above: Emma Flaherty, Victoria Gugliotti, and Madison Piscitelli represent their favorite members of the band.

Like any young, adolescent girl I was absolutely obsessed with the Jonas Brothers in the late 2000s to early 2010s. I watched Camp Rock and Jonas religiously and swooned over Joe to no end. I was, of course, devastated on Oct. 29, 2013, when the Jonas Brothers announced their split. I should have known it was coming–boy bands don’t last longer than a few years, after all. Being young, some part of me believed that the brothers would stay together forever, which made the split even more devastating.

After six years apart, the Jonas Brothers revealed on March 1 that they are back together. I was shocked. It had seemed as if the brothers had separated their professional careers permanently. Joe had DNCE, Nick had his (amazing) solo album, and Kevin had become a full time family man. Despite being at different points in their lives, they all determined that coming back together would benefit them all equally.

I know what you’re thinking–why the seemingly impetuous decision? Well, during an interview with talk show host, James Corden, the brothers revealed that while working on a documentary together they realized how much they missed performing with each other.

The three brothers came back with a bang, releasing their new single Sucker on March 1. They also did a week’s worth of shows with Corden. The week started off with Corden kidnapping the three brothers on March 4.

The next day, the brothers performed Year 2019, a parody of their song Year 3000; they also participated in a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, which is hilarious for viewers to watch, but seemingly traumatizing for the brothers who had to eat and drink many disgusting items not suitable for human consumption including bird saliva, a three chili pepper smoothie, and cow blood and pork tongue jelly.

They played an intense game of Side Effects May Include on March 6, where the three brothers poked fun at each other for a few minutes about their rise to childhood fame.

Finally, the week ended with the infamous Carpool Karaoke on March 7. The band and Corden sang along to Sucker as well as many of their old hit songs. The brothers even took a lie detector test with Corden asking them many personal questions about their feelings about each other. Some of these questions included which brother annoyed Joe the most, did Kevin believe that Nick had too many weddings, do Kevin and Nick’s wives annoy Joe, and whether or not Nick was the reason the band broke up.

Two Woodland juniors, Mikayla Poirier and Lauren Avery, were ecstatic to hear that the brothers were going to perform together again.

“I was very surprised. But then again, I wasn’t,” Poirier stated. “I felt like it was just going to happen eventually, because they had so much success when we were younger. I knew they would have a lot of success with like our age group because we’ve grown up with them. So I was surprised because they’re all getting married and Kevin has kids.”

Poirier and Avery were eager to see how the brothers’ new lives would impact the group dynamic. The two girls decided to make a flowchart  to figure out what the impact would be.

“I thought they were never going to talk to each other again; I guess I didn’t understand that they were actual brothers. I thought they were never going to see each other again, which made my little heart break,” said Poirier.

This was a common theme among most fans of the Jonas Brothers. Now that the band has finally come back together, all the broken hearts will finally be fixed, childhood memories will be renewed, and the lives of all Jonas Brothers fans will drastically improve.