One Man Wrestling Team: Elias Sturdevant

“Wrestling is more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle…” Elias Sturdevant, the one man wrestling team of Woodland, stated. Sturdevant, a freshman, could not find himself a winter sport he liked at woodland and wanted to stick with the sport that has meant so much to him since a young age. Sturdevant started wrestling at the age of 10 in Cheshire along with the influence of his father a former wrestler himself. “I loved it” he had said “ It gave me that fighting mentality that you keep within you throughout your life and outside of it.” This ended up being an amazing decision  for Sturdevant as he absolutely loved it and not to mention pretty good too.

“There was not a sport I was really interested in and it was a long process to find and be able to participate on a team.” This was definitely a problem for Sturdevant as he was not prepared to try out for any other team as well as having no interest in some of the more basic sports Woodland offers during the winter.

Sturdevant revealed that he wanted a wrestling team here are woodland because of his father being a former wrestler and participating in it outside of school. Sturdevant went through a process that involved permission from multiple schools, athletic directors and coaches.  Sturdevant found a suited and competitive team from Thomaston and along with Holy Cross co-op’d with the team. A successful Sturdevant posted a record of twenty-four wins and only totaling a mere ten losses a record that secured himself a spot in the state opens a few weeks back in New Haven. Sturtevant won a few matches but eventually fell in the later rounds of the open to stronger senior wrestlers.

“It felt good making it that far just as a freshman,” Sturdevant had said. “Next year I hope to go further and compete in the state finals that is my ultimate goal.” This is without a doubt an  achievable goal with hard work and determination.

Sturdevant really hopes more kids will hear about his story and join the wrestling team along with him.

“It’s a sport for anyone no matter who. It’s the perfect sport for someone who  may be too small for basketball or not strong enough for football.”

Sturtevant wants more kids to join him and not just have his one man wrestling team. Eventually hoping to bring more full teams into the Naugatuck Valley League and allow for more different sports like wrestling to develop around the state of Connecticut.