How Woodland Is Keeping Books Alive

Book Club is one of the more unique clubs at Woodland. Unlike many clubs that meet after school, Book club makes it so much easier for sports players to participate and to be a part of other after school clubs. Meetings are also pretty spaced out to give readers time to enjoy their book. The point is not to be a second English class, but to give students who want to read, a time and place.

Diondra Owusu, a junior at Woodland, joined book club this year and has enjoyed the easy commitment.

“Reading used to be important to me and I joined book club so it can be a bigger part of my life again. Book club helps create time to be able to finish a book”

Reading is a passion of many students and the time and low commitment is a easy way to express that.

Another unique feature of book club is that they will Skype with the author of the book they read. They get to talk and ask questions like what the author’s mindset was while writing, or things about the characters. Other questions could be why something happened or if there was any confusion at a point in the book.  All the things that they may have thought about during the book can be answered.

Other than talking with the author, the members get to talk to each other during meetings about the different outlooks and thoughts about what they read.

“My favorite part of the meetings are sharing my own opinion and hearing all the different perspectives of the book from everyone,” said Owusu.

The overall mood of book club is a space to relax and share about the book. The book chosen are highly recommended novels for high school students. Meeting during advisory gives them time and freedom to read and is a great way to incorporate reading back into busy schedules.