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Sophomore Demonstration Advice

“The purpose of the Sophomore Portfolio Demonstration is for each student to present the specific skills and interests he/she has gained during the first two years of high school. It also allows Woodland students to establish ownership and control over their learning,” – Sophomore Portfolio Demonstration.

Before Sophomores begin putting together their presentation, there is an assembly in the auditorium during advisory that explains the instructions of the project. The sophomores learn what the purpose and what they need to collect and put into their portfolio.  The first step to putting a Sophomore Portfolio Demonstration together is to gather all the pieces of work that are needed to present. For example, the first piece that needs to be presented in the Sophomore Portfolio Demonstration is “a piece of writing, which expresses and communicates your thoughts and ideas using the characteristics of formal writing,” according to the document all about the Sophomore Portfolio Demonstration.

Throughout the time given, which is from September to May, to put the demonstration together, advisors have check ins with their sophomores to receive a status check. Once the final items are put into the portfolio the students request a transcript from their school counselors and then the presentations are scheduled. If a student fails their demonstration they have to re-present after all the demonstrations are performed.

Alyssa Torres, a junior who attends Woodland Regional High School, advises that sophomores should start and plan ahead of time, gather the necessary materials, and organize the work being used in the demonstration.

“Starting ahead of time can actually help you be more organized when presenting your demonstration so that you are not jumping all over the place trying to find out what to talk about next,” says Torres. She also recommends that students should keep all the projects they complete so those things can be presented.

“Do not procrastinate. Look for your best pieces of work. Make sure you are checking in with your advisor,” states, senior, Mike Carranza. When sophomores are presenting their demonstration, he recommends that they should be confident and to know their work so they do not mess up. Sophomores present their Portfolio Demonstration towards the end of May.

Sophomores are given months to complete this project so to avoid stressing out from putting it together last minute they should start working on it when they first find out about it and then manage their work time wisely.

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