DECA’s 5th Anniversary


On December 4th, DECA celebrated a monumental occasion: its 5th anniversary.

“In honor of our 5th year anniversary, we have been doing different activities per week,” said the vice president of DECA, Emma Krushinski. The first week of December, DECA held a week of trivia for advisories to answer and whoever got the most answers correct won a pizza party. They had different games to play in the DECA store where people can win individual prizes. They also held a school wide scavenger hunt. It was held on the app Goosechase, and all the questions were point-based. There were different prizes for those who get the most points.

Since the trivia took place around Christmas time some of the questions were Christmas themed. The trivia also asked about Woodland’s chapter of DECA and things they have done, including their community service projects. In addition, they also asked business questions and questions about the entire DECA, including what it is and what the acronym stands for. (Senora Luddy’s advisory won the trivia competition.) In the DECA store a mint counting competition was held where people guessed the amount of mints in a jar. The prize was a Dunkin Donuts gift card and the winner was, Woodland sophomore, Abby Colt.

As Vice President of DECA, Krushinski works as the store manager and ensures that the the store is opened daily for as many blocks as possible.

“The more we are open, the more visibility we get so people around the school will know DECA actually is and what we sell,” Krushinski says. She has helped create the store merchandise that DECA has sold on their winter online store and she makes sure that the store is well stocked with different foods and drinks that DECA has been offering for the past five years.


“Our saying for this year is that we are ‘half a DECAde old,’” said Krushinski. “I said, ‘Wow! We are like… half a decade old!’ When I said it, I never imagined that it be our catchphrase, but here we are and I think it is funny and creative.”

According to Krushinski, DECA’s biggest accomplishment throughout its five years was sending three of their members, now alumni, Eliza Smith, Shannon Pruzinsky, and Kristen Persico to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). One can only attend ICDC if he or she goes to the State Career Development Conference (SCDC).  

“There are different categories that people are able to compete in including hospitality, accounting, and others. In these competitions, people are put in a situation and have to solve based on the information they are given and what they know of their topic. The score is based a one hundred point scale,” explains Krushinski.

DECA’s three alumni competed in the service project category. They wrote a thirty page essay about DECA’s service project Helping Hands: All Hands On. Their project received first place in the service project category which allowed them to be on their way to ICDC.

“Getting into ICDC is not the simplest of tasks, but we were able to get in with only four years of being a club, which is impressive. While we did not win at ICDC, we were recognized by the State Board of Education for our Helping Hands service project,” said Krushinski.

DECA is excited be to a part of Woodland for many more years and to accomplish so much more than what they already have.