Day 10 of 12 Days of Articles: Fa-La-La Fashion


The holidays are upon us and what better way than to spend it with your family and holiday parties and gatherings. The hardest decision is always, what to wear? How to be classy, warm, and festive  for the occasion is always a tricky factor. Pairing a dress or skirt with an oversized sweater is both comfy and cute for the occasion. Pair this look with a long necklace and boots to make the look fun. Ways to spice up your look might simply be paring two pieces of clothing together or adding a functional accessory.

Winter coldness makes it hard to look fashionable when all your dresses in your closet are suited for summer time.. If you are feeling adventurous  an ugly sweater will get a few laughs and adding a fun side to your outfit.

Staying warm is always a struggle when it’s freezing outside adding a leather jacket can appear edgy. On the other hand, fur jackets are to die for they are so soft and can literally pair with any outfit to have a chic design.

A sequined skirt is festive when matched with a complementing design this look is functionable and can look fun when matched with pumps or boots. The classic dress is always ago to when matched with accessories to make the look fun and hip for the your gatherings or parties. These outfits will definitely cover you for this season of parties and get togethers with family and friends.

Adding accessories to an outfit can completely change the look. During the winter season a pom pom hat will surely keep you warm for walks around the block with your family. Along with beanies which can be matched with pretty much anything just for those bad hair days. Boots are a necessity whether  they are UGG, Doc Martens, or snow boots. Spice boots up with cute socks (or even fuzzy socks) that are shown above the top of the boot. This look will be warm and stylish with whatever boot you wear. Scarves are sure to keep you warm this season weather they are knit or a flannel material this accessory is sure enough to add to a dress and or top. Accessories are key to mix up a simple design to make it unique and stylish.

Whether on your wrist or in your hair Woodland had given their feedback on scrunchies and yes they are must for every outfit. Woodland students also love fur coats they are outta this world. Oversized sweaters seem to be having an uproar at Woodland. You can  pair one with a shirt, jeans, or leather pants for a change. The final trend is both stylish and warm for this season is knitted headbands. This look can be an accessory to any outfit and will keep you warm while waiting for the bus. Woodland’s take on Fashion for Winter is functionable, warm, and fashionable in many ways. It’s important to remember that comfort is key to having the perfect outfit for these parties of the year.