Spirit Week Preparation: What Goes Into It?


Photo Credit: Emma Flaherty

Everyone’s favorite week of the year has finally approached: Spirit Week. Spirit Week is a four day in-school event where all four grades will compete for spirit points, and compete in the pep rally, doing different challenges to gain points, and determine the winner of Spirit Week.

The four day event will kick off on Friday, November 16th, and the winner will be determined by the amount of points they have. Spirit Points are gained by dressing up for the given events and decorating your hallways. Spirit points could only be gained with your student id present on that day.

The first day will be Friday, November 16th, starting with Pajama Day and homecoming. Then, in the following week will be Meme/Vine Day on Monday, Color Wars on Tuesday, and Pep Rally and the football game on Wednesday. This year’s Spirit Week will be ran differently than it was last year, having four days instead of three, giving the Pep Rally a theme, and kicking off on the day homecoming is happening. The theme of this years Pep Rally is Olympics and the homecoming theme will be Athens, Greece, tieing in the homecoming and pep rally together.

Many students tend to forget that the extensive planning for Spirit Week and Homecoming is all done by Woodland’s Student Government. Hard working members do everything they can to make it the best it can be.

“In Student Government, all of our projects have to be passed through Senate before we can start planning them,” Student Body President, Bayan Galal states. “We have Senate meetings every other week, and legislation has to be passed through multiple readings, so it takes about a month for the legislation to get passed through Senate.”

The members planned activities and days, which took them a few weeks. The week before Spirit Week, stugov members stayed after school putting up decorations and making sure all aspects are ready to be presented to the school.

The beginning of the week, Meme/Vine day will start. On this day, students will dress up as their favorite meme or vine to gain points. The inspiration behind Meme/Vine Day was a based on other schools who have done this before in their own spirit weeks.

“For Meme/Vine day, we want everyone to dress as a meme or vine that they really like. I’ve seen other schools do this for a spirit day and everyone always seems to have a good time re-enacting the meme or vine so I think it’ll be really exciting to see what everyone does,” stated Galal.

Color Wars is when each grades is given a color to dress up as and also decorate their hallway as. Color Wars will be Tuesday, but this year it will be running differently than it has been in the previous years. The theme of this year’s pep rally is Olympics, to go along with the Athens, Greece theme of homecoming, so each grade is assigned a color of the rings. Freshman will be in green, sophomores in yellow, juniors in blue and senior in red.

“ Color Wars and pep rally are both centered around the Olympics this year. Each of the grades was assigned a color from the Olympic Rings for color wars. One thing that’s different is that teachers are also included in color wars this year, and they’ll be wearing black, which is the fifth color of the Olympic Rings,” stated Galal.

The closing event for this years Spirit Week is the Pep Rally, which will happen on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. At the Pep Rally, each grade will compete in different events and wear black and gold. This years Pep Rally is Olympic themed, so students will compete in Olympic themed events during the Pep Rally, but Galal has chosen to keep the events a secret until the actual event.  

Spirit Week is a fun-filled week of each grades competing head to head for points to determine who will win overall. May the best grade win!