Best Buddies School Store

The special education department recently had their grand opening of the school store, Market 117. The students are selling snacks and food to teachers in Woodland during third block.

“This store is for students with disabilities to work to help them get some practice for when they try to find a paying job,”  said store director, Tiffany Vitone.

Before they have to work in the real world, students are learning to work with cash registers, counting inventory, and stocking shelves. The students also interact with people in the community while in this work environment. They learn to behave while at work and it overall improves their social skills.

“We are not looking to make a lot of money, it is more for the experience for the students,” said Vitone. “The money that we do make will go into cooking lessons that we do with the students and community outings with the students to help with their social skills.”

By shopping at Market 117, it will help to further improve the store and it will give the students an experience that will be beneficial to them in the future.