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Morgan Rohr Joins the Woodland Community

Looking for a close-knit community with school spirit, trust, and solid relationships, Morgan Rohr was looking for a school that had each other’s backs. She found all of that at Woodland Regional High School.

Rohr came to Woodland from Explorations Charter School and so far, is excited about meeting so many new students and accepting the difficulties that come with starting over in a new school and building relationships.

“The last school I worked at had low expectations for teachers, low community sense; I was the only teacher to dress up for spirit week,” said Rohr. “Coming to Woodland gave me a challenge and opportunity to grow as a teacher which will ultimately help my students.”

Rohr is ready to create a bond with her students and start a good reputation here at Woodland.  Since Woodland has 80 minute blocks and alternating A and B days, Rohr says her first week adjusting was a bit of a shock; however, she is preferring the longer periods.

One struggle she is facing is having to move classrooms throughout the day and have everything prepared in five minutes. Time management is a common struggle as it can be difficult to figure out when moving to a new school for both teachers and students, but sometimes the students can make it seem easier.

“I like starting with freshman,” said Rohr. “They are generally more excited about everything.”

Rohr loves teaching English and how it can help students in a lot of different ways, but the advisory is where she is hoping to make connections.  Advisory is important to a lot of students and Rohr wants to make it the best time for her students every day.

“It teaches kids can have any opinion they want and how they are able to back themselves up.”  

And with goals like that, Rohr hopes to establish a reputation as a teacher who builds trust and offers support here at Woodland.

“The hardest thing is not having a reputation yet, it’s like at my old school, everyone knew me,” said Rohr. “It takes a lot of building relationships with students and that takes time. I’m absolutely excited for this year.”


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