Boys Soccer: The Road Ahead

Woodland has consistently been known as one of the most talented soccer teams in the Naugatuck Valley League. The team is a testimony to each players’ skill, dedication, and will. Ready for the season, the boys are very excited to show their talents on the field.

Despite the boys currently being undefeated, there are many challenging games ahead. In the past, teams such as, Naugatuck, Watertown, and Seymour have been intimidating for the Hawks. Varsity Goalkeeper Ryan Lamb explains the daunting match up against rivalry team, Naugatuck.

“As usual, Naugatuck is our biggest rival,” said Lamb. “Going into the game I am nervous because it is a crucial game against a talented team. Nervous, but excited.”

Lamb, being a goalie also shared a little bit about what is known as the loneliness job in football.

“It’s tough, some days you just sit in the sun and wait for the game to end,” explained Lamb. “However, a one-on-one situation is one of the most intense and stressful things to happen.” A one-on-one situation is when the goalie has no defenders in front of him. It is only the opponent and the goalie. Obviously, being a goalkeeper is not an easy job; however, Lamb is confident in the boys this year,

“We have a real solid team,” said Lamb. “We can go the distance.”

Senior Captain, Josh Powanda, explains the difficult responsibilities of being a captain.

“The hardest thing about being a captain is probably trying to manage situations for our team on the field, while trying to balance my own play,” said Powanda.

Powanda also explained some ideas on how the team can improve their game.

“We need to work on our confidence when facing tough opponents,” Powanda explained.

Overall, the boys soccer team seems to be on track for another great season, despite some challenges ahead. With many hard working athletes on the field, and dedicated coaches on the sidelines, the boys have a real shot at stealing the trophy for the NVL.


The boys tied Naugatuck (1-1) in a very hard fought and exciting game.