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Timber Team Cuts Into Bethlehem


The competition at Bethlehem saw Timber Team accomplish many achievements as both individual players and as a team. While Woodland didn’t bring back a trophy, the game was still filled with plenty of notable highlights. Coach Murdy has this to say on the event:


This is the only competition of the year that is truly a team vs team comp with the prize being a revolving trophy. Still being a pretty new team last year with only one female, Wamogo pretty easily took home the trophy last year.

This year however… they still took it home.

But, we had many bright spots and some awesome performances that makes the coach in me proud.

The greatest victory we had was Male/Male Crosscut. Douglas Smith and Zachary Bertrand easily took first cutting an 8×8 block of pine in 3.75 seconds. That was five seconds faster than the chainsaw and they easily beat the other competitors.



Perhaps the most surprising moment was when brother/sister team Jonathan and Amber T took 2nd place in log roll. This was great to see since they had missed the podium at Goshen after DQing in the final 3ft of the course. And, tonight’s log was a beast with a ton of bumpy knots. Plus, it had poured before the comp so it and the rails and log were slippery causing many DQ’s.


Axe throw was another strong category with Woodland taking 2nd and 3rd. We had a ton of competitors between the two teams with many high scores. In the end, the top three competitors had 12 of 15 possible points and went to the finals. Sean and Kyle represented Woodland well with Kyle taking home 2nd and Sean took home 3rd. This was a big improvement for the team after Goshen.




Male bow saw was also dominated by Woodland with Zac B taking 2nd and Doug S taking 3rd.

Some other notable mentions and teams to watch. In Jack/Jill Crosscut, new team Alec and Jill just missed the podium by 2/100’s of a sec and took home 4th for the second comp in a row. They will soon take home glory!

Jill also took home 4th in Bow Saw while Tyler S and Zach H missed the podium in log roll by a second. This is the 2nd comp in a row that they barely missed the podium. They are another team to watch!

A big shout out to Marissa and Amber in axe throw. Both of them could not hit the target at all last year and yet Marissa scored a 9 just barely missing the bullseye and Amber had an 11 with one bullseye.

Alec missed the podium in bow saw by 4/100’s of a second. We also have some up and coming Jill/Jill crosscut pairs with Jill and Lauren taking 5th and Marissa and Amber taking 6th.

While taking home the trophy would have been amazing, the depth of Wamogo’s talent and the 6 years of experience they have on us in the end was too much. Many of their members have competed longer than our team has been in existence.

However, we improved from last year and in many categories we solidly beat them. I could not be prouder.

Our day will come!!!!!!

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