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Senior Priveleges

Fifteen-year-old Mia Carranza is taking Student Government by storm with her newfound thoughts on Woodlands ways. Sitting among the cabinet, she addresses her new ideas to a few who are open to listening. Senior privileges are something that most underclassmen dislike, mainly because they can’t participate in them yet. But some, like Carranza, are looking at the closer side to the issue mainly focusing on Halloween. Halloween is a national holiday that everyone around the world engages in and Carranza feels it should be the same way with Woodland.

“I feel this is an important matter to change because to a lot of the underclassmen,” explains Mia,” and even some upperclassmen, not allowing the entire school to dress up is kinda like saying that not everyone can celebrate a national holiday.”

The last bell rings on the final day of school. Every grade rushes toward the exit, but one grade stands out…seniors. They’ve been here longer than any other grade has and they finally get to start the next chapter of their lives. The Woodland community can only hope they’ve done everything they can to make the seniors last year a memorable one. Some would argue that the seniors need these privileges for a successful year, but some would argue otherwise.

Carranza is a very outspoken individual who likes to spread her thoughts and she is doing just this. Halloween is a national holiday, but just because it is a national holiday, should Halloween be a Woodland holiday? Senior, Jake Stow, does not think so.

“I feel like having the entire school dress up on Halloween would be a bit problematic,” Stow says. “I feel like the school day would get too crazy. And, a new format for the costume contest would have to be created in order for every grade to experience Halloween at Woodland, or, it would just have to be scrapped.”

Despite being a senior, even Stow seems to be looking at the topic with an unbiased perspective. This can’t always be accomplished. There are a lot of perks to being a senior such as being able to come in late if you have a study hall or even being able to leave early if you have one. They can also drive to school and get a spot for their cars. Stow also seems to have a positive take on these topics as well that benefit all grades.

“I think all of the privileges that seniors get are things that most underclassmen look forward to when looking ahead to their senior year,” explains Stow. “A privilege isn’t really something that is necessary, but it’s still nice to have them.”

Some may think that the seniors will be biased to the topic. When Carranza posed the issue to Student Government, she believes that they also seemed a bit biased because of one important factor, which is that they were mostly seniors. Carranza wants to ensure that the remaining years that she takes part in the Woodland experience, and that her fellow classmates will enjoy it as much as she wishes to.

“I am a member of student government and when students address me with a problem I take it to the Senate and work hard to get it fixed,” Carranza says, “this is how I take steps to ensure equality between grades and within the entire student body.”

From masks to klinking car keys; from sleeping in-to leaving early, senior privileges have been proven to be just that: privileges. Whether the students are looking up to the seniors or looking at the ground, Student Government will work their hardest to make sure that everyone is satisfied with their high school experience. Even if becoming a vampire or a zombie is just for the seniors, maybe the underclassman can have some fun as well and Carranza will try her best to make that happen.

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