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Thespian Society Comes to Woodland

Microphones were replaced by candles and songs were replaced by speech. The crowd congratulated the actors and actresses on stage, but not because of a fabulous show. This time, there was an event taking place that will never be forgotten.

The Thespian Society Troupe 8702, was born at Woodland on June 11th, 2018. Jennifer Guluzy, junior, is the founder and the president of this society and takes great pride in the work that she has done. Creating this society has been a dream of Guluzy’s for a while now. Being devoted to the arts makes it hard for her to not strive in order to make this dream a reality.

“I knew the drama department had a lot of very talented kids,” Guluzy says as she smiles through her words. “I felt as if this would bring our department forward, establish legitimacy for us, and reward the students who have been working hard over the years.”

The night started out with The Pledge of Allegiance, read by Kyle Bolduc, leading into the ceremony. A line of Thespians marched from their seats and onto the stage. The ceremony started fast with quick speeches and appearances from selected actors and actresses. When it was time for the students to get their certificates, they were called up one by one receiving their certificate, pin, card, candle, and a handshake from Susan Cinoman, Drama Club director.

A vow was taken to ensure that the Thespian Society will meet all requirements and some members were recognized for their roles in the newfound society. The evening was filled with laughs and cameos from some of the loved members of Woodland’s drama club during the performances, which were breathtaking.

The night ended with a heartwarming speech from Guluzy and the students couldn’t stop smiling. They went off to take pictures of their achievements with their parents and to reminisce about the future of this new society.

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