The End of the Math Team Season


The Math Team ended the season with its last competition on Monday, April 9th, 2018, coming in third place out of seven schools in total, many of these schools with great math programs and very intelligent members. The Woodland Math Team had a very solid year with many events and great performances at competitions. With over dozens of people in total with several new members joining the team in the 2017 and 2018, the team has expanded and is growing rapidly in the community.

The Woodland Math team has come in the top three in three out of four of the competitions with top scorers including Junior Charlie Schwarz, Junior David Michaud, and Senior Anaga Dinesh. The competitions would test members on certain topics such as arithmetics, probabilities, stats, trigonometry, algebra, and more. They take place at other schools and they are very welcoming, offering visitors food and refreshments. These competitions are meant to be fun where you can hang out with people at your team, but you are still encouraged to try your best.

During Math Team meetings, the members are taught new topics that they might not be learning in their regular math class. They might even get a headstart learning things that are taught in classes they will take in the future. Unlike a traditional classroom setting, there is a very relaxed and fun atmosphere during the meetings which makes math more interesting and less stressful to learn. People are welcomed to take snacks and refreshments and interact with fellow members and the teacher. Meetings are held every Thursday for approximately an hour.

People misinterpret the Math Team as a club meant for people who excel at math, however, that is not the case. Anyone can join whether you are a student with an A in math or if you tend to struggle more. It is a very fun club to join that also benefits you academically. Members of the team will not hesitate to answer your questions, help you with a particular topic, or even tutor you. With enthusiastic people joining and looking forward to improve their math and learn new topics, the team has gotten very popular. It can only be imagined that the team gets even more popular as they have a number of new events such as Math Team elections, fundraisers, and parties. If you are looking for club to join where you can have a good time and also improve your grade, the door is always open.