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It’s a snow day or a lonely weekend. You may or may not be done with your long list of to-dos, but that’s too boring anyways. That leaves only one option: Netflix, a procrastinator’s best friend. It seems as if all roads lead to Netflix.

Once you open the app, there are so many options. You get tired just looking at them. The only good shows are under the category ‘Watch Again’. You feel like you’ve watched all the interesting shows that Netflix has to offer. But don’t worry, students at Woodland have many suggestions and voted on their favorite Netflix shows in four categories; romance, action, mystery, and comedy.


The first category was Romance and the top show selected by students at Woodland was Jane the Virgin.

Olivia Vallejo, a Jane the Virgin superfan, has watched the show about 3 times. Because the show is still going, beware of spoilers. There’s a lot of twists and turns, and rewatching may make the viewer confused. This show is centered around a Latino family and the crazy events that occur within the family.

“It’s a really interesting show,” Vallejo notes. “It keeps you on the edge of your seat, makes you laugh, and even makes you cry.”

Although the narrator on the show has a tendency to joke around, sometimes it is okay to cry, especially when a young lady’s husband dies unexpectedly.


Another show that can keep you laughing is The Office. The Office was voted to be the school’s favorite in the category of comedy.

Carly Erickson, an Office fanatic, has watched the show 13 times. All 201 episodes. 13 times. According to BingeClock, to watch the entire series with no breaks, it would be four days, three hours, and 30 minutes. Erickson’s room is decorated with Office posters and decorations.

In one of the funniest scenes, character Kevin Malone spills chili all over himself.


“I would recommend this show to anyone,” Erickson explains. “It constantly keeps the viewer laughing.”

If you already finished the show, as many Woodland students have, don’t worry. Friends and That 70’s Show are perfect shows for someone who loves comedy.


If you’re instead looking for something that keeps you on the edge of your seat, you may be interested in action. Woodland voted for the show The Walking Dead. The show is all about surviving in zombie apocalypse.

Casey Brooks, an avid Walking Dead fan, has watched all seven seasons and is still going.

“I would recommend this show for someone who enjoys action and drama,” Brooks explains. “It’s not all about zombies, there’s a story line to it. You become really connected to the characters.”

This is one of Brooks’ favorite show because she loves the constant action. The Walking Dead is a show that would keep you interested. Brooks loved the scene when the main character was stuck, unable to move, and there were zombies surrounding him. Brooks was at the end of her seat, but then the episode ended.  If you’ve tried The Walking Dead and aren’t hooked, there are other options too, which include Breaking Bad and Revenge. These are two intense shows that would keep you on the edge of your seat.


Another genre that keeps the viewer anticipating is mystery.  The show that Woodland prefers in this category is Stranger Things. The show aired in July of 2016. It starts with a group of boys who head into the woods to find their missing friend. They are shocked when they find a young girl who is close to dead.

Austin Roberts, who is hooked by the show, watched season one and two the day they were released. He thinks everyone should give the show a chance.

“I would highly recommend this show to anyone who loves mystery and suspense,” Roberts explained. “I binged-watch both seasons in one day.”

The viewer may have to stay up all night to watch the show, but according to Roberts, it’s so worth it. It’s hard to stop binging when a little, innocent girl turns out to be a science experiment.

Stranger Things may not be for everyone. The show has strong sci-fi influences.  If you tend to be more into romance, a show you may like is Riverdale. This is also a new show which involves a mysterious high school.

If you’ve tried all these shows and still aren’t hooked, there’s more. Netflix is packed with well directed shows. Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Shameless, and 13 Reasons Why are all shows that Woodland students love. And if you tried all the shows listed here, if that’s possible, don’t be afraid to browse through Netflix’s variety of shows. If you feel like you’ve tried every option, maybe it is best to click on your favorite show under the ‘Watch Again’ category.

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