A Night of Song and Dance With a Much Deeper Meaning

The lights dim, the curtain draws, and the opening act begins; however, this is no ordinary show. This is Cabaret, an event put on by Woodland Worldwide, and Kaylee Walsh’s senior project.

“I love to be creative, and I asked if I could take on a bigger role in the Cabaret as my Senior Project because I wanted to continue to do that on a bigger scale,” stated Walsh. She is not only organizing and directing the event, but she wrote the whole script to the show.

Woodland Worldwide has put on Cabaret in previous years, however, this is the first time it will be done as a senior project.

“I’ve been with Woodland Worldwide for 4 years now, and I knew I wanted to do something with the club,” stated Walsh. “I love what the club stands for, and it’s a unique club with a very important message,”

Cabaret will not only encompass the ideals that Woodland Worldwide stands by, but it will also be very entertaining.

“It’s almost like a variety show that is united under a message,” stated Walsh. “We have a bunch of acts doing performances that will show off their talent, but will somehow relate to a theme that is somewhat along the lines of what Woodland Worldwide stands for; equal rights, feminism, finding your own voice to stand up for things,”.

This years theme is “Boxes”, the boxes that society puts on people based on stigmas and stereotypes.

“I feel like sometimes people take those boxes people are put in and don’t always realize they are doing it,” expressed Walsh. The show, while meant to be entertaining, will also contain serious tones.

“We have different vignettes of different scenarios that someone goes through, and some of them are definitely more intense than others,”. Walsh assured that there will be moments of comedic relief.

Cabaret will take place on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 6:00 PM in the Woodland Auditorium. “Attendees can expect to see a message and see things that might connect to their own lives,” explained Walsh. “I would hope that they could come in and see how much this could affect a person and their life, and what they say about certain people, and why they say it.”