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Leading, Creating, and Learning– Jillian Plante

When she isn’t throwing axes, Jillian Plante is usually throwing out scripts to the Hawk Productions team.
Plante, a sixteen-year-old junior at WRHS, a 5’3 quiet blonde, and a leader with many responsibilities. She is always kept busy throughout her week and manages to still keep on top of her scooping, producing, cutting and honor roll streak.

Before Plante even attended high school, she reached out to Ralph Riello, the Hawk Productions adviser, and immediately wanted to jump on board. Through this class, she developed involuntary leadership skills which presents her with where she is today, as Riello’s right hand gal.

“When it comes time, I make the schedules for the class,” Plante said. “Along with that, I help with tech setup, I edit videos, and I assist any classmate in need of help.”

Hawk Productions is the digital media club here at Woodland where students create, perform, edit, and present all types of videos, from documentaries, to stand up news and to comic relief short films. Jillian helps the class in all parts of the production series and organizes the students with their monthly news broadcast, Hawk Talk.

On the Timber team, she grows as a team player and as a woodcutter. Plante stays after school for two hour practices every week, throwing axes and cutting with the bow saw to compete in seasonal Timber Team competitions.

“I never thought I would be on a team in high school,” says Plante, “but I am glad I got the chance to join the Timber Team.”
Plante won 1st place four times and 3rd place once in Bow Saw. Even without the awards, though, she enjoys the environment, teammates and competitions.

Along with the Timber Team, she works at the Big Dipper. Five to eight hours a week, Plante scoops up ice cream for the locals in Prospect and serves up a mean milkshake.

Surrounded by chocolate and vanilla, she loves her work and the benefits that come with it. “My favorite part about working here is the communication skills I learn everyday. Plus the ice cream is pretty good, too,” said Plante.

Whether it’s as producer of a Hawk Talk show, an ax thrower in a Timber Team meet, or a simple scooper at the Big Dipper, Plante is always busy. She dedicates her time to leading, creating and learning everyday.

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