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Drama Club Presents: Treasure Island

The Woodland stage, home to all Woodland dramatic productions, has taken to the high seas as the  Jolly Roger is hosted and the main sail set for adventure in a rollicking retelling of the classic pirate novel, “Treasure Island”.

The Woodland pirate cast has been rehearsing after school daily since mid-October. But there’s a difference between an empty auditorium and one that is filled with landlubbers.

“It’s honestly feels quite strange,” explained Gillian Farina, who plays the part of Harry Flash. “You work so hard without an audience, and then there’s a lot of pressure on you when you’re on stage with all eyes on you.”

And in this production those eyes will have a lot to take in. The costuming itself might be a reason to come see the play.  Amanda Doughney and Karen Steinbacher created the outfits for every character which must be made, fitted, and adjusted. The costumes include a plethora of interesting components, such as  trench coats, corsets, and even peg legs.

Even the stage has been dressed differently for Treasure Island. Not only does it boast a fine replica of a pirate ship, which the treasure seeking crew sails on, but there’s also a new addition, some interesting stagecraft– a five-foot platform (a plank you might say) that juts out into the first row of the audience and extends the stage.

“It’s a little bit more challenging,” Susan Cinoman, director of the play stated. “We’re working with a platform that’s not directly connected to the stage, just to give the illusion of an island.” This helps to give the audience a depth of field for scenes where people may be thrown overboard.

Another first for Woodland dramatic productions is the fight scenes and swordplay.  For the first time in years, in a non-Shakespearean production, the whole cast will engage in stage combat scenes. The swashbuckling buccaneers of Woodland Regional will thrust, parry, and slash their way throughout their two-hour adventure.

But magnificent sets, stunning costumes and thrilling swordplay won’t be all that’s packed into this performance–be ready for surprises and unexpected guests appearances.

“Attendees who come to the show can expect to be in for a wild ride,” expressed Farina. “The show is full of laughter, action, and life lessons.”

Video By Caitlyn Martin

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