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Senior Project Spotlight: Cami Wilcox

The average American spends time with family and loved ones during the holiday season, but this is not the case for all Americans. Thousands of  American soldiers are deployed overseas each year and many soldiers serve during the holiday season.  Alone and far away from those they care about during this time, they suffer from isolation which can be proved to be very difficult for many soldiers.

Senior Cami Wilcox wants to help the soldiers feel less lonely. The senior project Wilcox constructed is for advisories to write letters to those who are deployed overseas. For her, this project holds personal significance, Wilcox registered for the army this past summer. Wilcox will be heading off to boot camp in In July of 2018, but she is intent on contributing to the military well before she leaves.

“My goal is to get as many students to write letters to the deployed soldiers because I’d want the same for me when I am deployed,” Wilcox said.

A simple gesture, like a letter, can brighten the day of deployed soldiers who have spent time away from home. Athletic Director Brian Fell, who has previously served in the Navy, described how a stranger’s words can make a difference.

“I think it’s a nice thing. When you’re away from your family for so long,” explained Fell. “It’s nice to see that someone cares about you.”

Students are encouraged to write letters in support of the troops during advisory, or whenever they can. Letters will be collected in boxes in the media center and main office. These boxes will only be in the media center and office until November 13th.

Wilcox stresses the importance of students writing sooner than later so the soldiers can receive a heartwarming message by the holiday season.  

“You don’t know if they have families, or anyone,” Wilcox said. “Just one letter can put a smile on their face.”

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