What Football Really Means To Woodland Hawks

Leaves of all different colors are gently gliding with the light breeze, this is how we know that fall is finally here. We think of autumn as a season of pumpkins, sweaters, and especially football. With the NFL slowly rolling in, hype of American football is rising within the nation, and the Woodland Regional High-School football team has it’s blood boiling, ready to crush other schools. Ecstatic shouts can be heard from the locker rooms from miles away. The school rumbles with excitement with thoughts of winning the high school football championship. Hawk football players are ready to march like soldiers on the field, war-zone.

The football season brings many opportunities. New freshmen players can prove their worth to upperclassmen and seniors can leave Woodland as a high school legacy. However, there is something that all football players share; an unbreakable bond. They lose together, they win together, and most importantly, they work together. “We have spent so much time together at practice that we have basically come together as a family.” said sophomore, Robert Hansen. New players will learn from the older players and older players can reflect on what they did in the past. Being on the team is a learning experience.

“It’s nothing like you expected.”  says Freshman Jacob Howson, “The older kids mess around with us but they naturally treat us pretty well and we are pretty much a family.” From drills to games, every single player learns something new. Freshmen and sophomores have a long trip down the road but the juniors and seniors are willing to help them.

I would tell the younger players to stick with it and not quit.” says Joseph Kmetz, a senior who has been on the high school football team since he was a freshmen, “I know it sucks being an underclassman putting in hard work and not getting a lot of playing time, but it pays off at the end of the day. And when you’re a senior you will truly see that all of that hard work meant something.”

Most people think of football of a dangerous and harsh sport. However, football players have a bond that is different from anything else. Football starts with the letter “F”, and so does family.