Region 16 Dress Drive

Now that Spring has began events held at Long River Middle School such; Dinner Dance, Awards Ceremony, and the Promotion of Eighth Graders is right around the corner. With all these special occasions approaching Long River has asked for donations of gently used special occasion dresses. Those who have dresses that do no longer fit, or will not be worn again, have now been offered an opportunity to help donate to those who would benefited from these dresses.

This event will be held by Stacey Groshart of Long River. Groshart said she is holding this event, “Because of my love for fashion and thrift store shopping, I want to offer students-in-need a way to find affordable dresses. When I was younger I learned to sew in order to alter clothing off the rack. Now that I’m older, I love scouring consignment stores for dresses.”

Inspiration for Groshart event sprung when she was listening to NPR (National Public Radio) and heard, “ that the United States generated over 12 million tons of textile waste.” Groshart believes we can do something about it.

“Now that the stigma of buying used clothing is in the past we can enjoy classic designs and well made garments over and over. Clothing does not need to be disposable. Young ladies who have a dance, award ceremony, or even a class presentation could potentially find an outfit within our dress donations.”

Students may either swap or buy dresses at a negotiated price. This is Groshart first year holding the dress drive and is limited on sizes and styles but hopes to grow in selection each year. For those interested in donating to the Dress Drive donation boxes will be located in the World Languages Offices at both Woodland and Long River.

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