This years AP Physics class wanted to do something fun and exciting for the end of the year. In just about all AP classes, students will tell you the year isn’t over once you take the exam. However, this class did not do your usual research paper or presentation…they took a trip to the pool instead.

For two weeks, the class had been working on creating cardboard boats. The class was divided up into two groups and each had to create their own boat. As you would expect, both boats had their own style. One of them had small sides and was smaller in general, while the other one had taller sides and was larger. Both teams were restricted to only using three rolls of duct tape.

Live broadcast by Chris Lauck and Nick McCusker

One boat was steered by Nathan Hughes and Noelle Guerrera. The other was led by Colin Kennelly and Brendan Rowley. The object of the game was to row to one side of the pool, grab a softball, and then return the softball to the other side of the pool. The students received two test grades for this project. The grades were mostly determined on the winner, of course, and how long the boats stayed afloat.

As Mr. M counted down, the boats were off. Rowley and Kennelly were off to a hot start but started turning the wrong way. Meanwhile, Guerrera and Hughes were unable to coordinate their rowing and ended up crashing into the side of the pool. As Kennelly and Rowley grabbed their softball, they were able to turn around and reach the other side before their opponents even grabbed their softball. Halfway to the other side Hughes and Guerrera’s boat collapsed and sunk.

Live Facebook feed by Tina Vlamis

After the victory Rowley stated, “We got Nate (he’s the math guy), Colin (more the design part), and the rest of us taped it together.”

Fortunately, the president was able to swim to shore with no injuries and will return to her duties.