Timber Team Hosts Inaugural Axe Games

FROM: Robert Murdy, Timber Team Coach

I just wanted to share some pictures and results from Friday’s Axe Games between the Wamogo and Woodland Timber Teams here at Woodland. We

had over 40 competitors in four events between the two schools. They all worked very hard off and I am very proud of them. Thank you to everyone who came out and to all of those who have supported the Timber Team this year.

Our students did awesome and won many events. Here is Woodland’s results:

Men’s Crosscut

· 1st (Jon Tanguay/Doug Smith)

Jack and Jill Crosscut

· 2nd (Maddisyn Mircsev/Bailey Dragon)

· 3rd (Eric Wrogg/Natalie Katrenya)

Men’s Log Roll

· 1st (Zac Bertrand/Doug Smith)

· 3rd (Carlo DellaValle/Bailey Dragon)

Men’s Bow Saw

· 1st (Ryan Zhu)

· 2nd (Zach Benanto)

· 3rd (Doug Smith)

Men’s Axe Throw

· 1st Andrew Spofford

· 2nd Sean O’Connell

· 3rd John D’Amico

We also had an awesome article from the Republican American newspaper. The online version has more pictures and a little video.


Lastly- I believe that NBC will be airing a story tonight about the Timber Team at 6 and 10. This might change at last minute due to the day’s news- but this was the last word that I had.