Woodland Frisbee Senior Project

As Spring sports get underway, another is being added to the mix. Woodland’s Ultimate  team is back for the second straight year as part of Mark Crowley’s senior project.The team is accepting members from grades 9-12, and both girls and boys are welcome to participate. Practices began Thursday April 6th and go until June.

Originally known as Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate is played in over 90 countries and can be played by men, women, and mixed teams. Ultimate was invented in 1968 in Maplewood New Jersey, the first organized game was played at Columbia High School the following year. Since, Ultimate has become a worldwide phenomenon played in over 90 countries. And in the past few year, Woodland has joined the fray of one of the world’s fastest rising sports.

“I’m hoping for 12-16 players, however more are always welcome,” says Crowley, “I got a late start because of poor weather, but we should still be able to have a good time.”

Ultimate is certainly a competitive sport, often a gym class favorite. However, winning is not Crowley’s goal, he is more focused on teaching the players how to play the game.

“My goals for the season is to teach the players the proper rules of the game and give them all the skills they need to play the sport correctly and well,” clarifies Crowley.

“At the beginning the team will be mostly just practicing and scrimmaging each other,” Crowley explains, “but if at the end of the season we are confident, I would like us to play the Naugy Ultimate Team.” Anyone who is interested in joining should find Crowley as soon as possible and sign up.