Zachary Sampiere Continues Motorized Car Racing Career

Zachary Sampiere: Motorized Car Racing

In December of 2012, at the age of thirteen, Zachary Sampiere sparked an interest in radio controlled car racing. Sampiere is now a senior at Woodland Regional and his passion for racing cars has grown with him. Sampiere first recognized his interest in car racing when he started watching actual racing competitions on the television such as The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or (NASCAR).  Among the different classes of car racing they all fit into two categories: Trophy Racing or Club Racing.

Before competing in either of these categories, drivers need to buy the parts needed to build the cars they are competing with.  Once drivers are confident in their cars they are eligible to be entered into different classes of racing depending on their interests and skills. After drivers compete in either their trophy races or club races, they then must “marshal” the following competition. Marshals are the equivalent of the referee in sports, “they are responsible for watching and guiding the cars throughout races to help them if they get stuck in the course or crash” said Sampiere. Sampiere also began marshalling at the age of thirteen.

Sampiere plans on continuing his motorized racing career as he gets older.

Sampiere said, “Besides trophies I feel I take away great memories and collaboration skills that will help me during everyday life, from the racing league I compete in.”

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