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Danie’s Big Chance

A round of applause and a standing ovation filled the gym as Danie Meder stepped on the court for the first time this season. As a freshman, she fought hard to play for this JV squad. After battling seizures on a daily basis, she was all smiles when she was given this opportunity to play her favorite sport, basketball.

Daine was born with a large portion of her brain missing. Due to this setback, she suffers seizures on a daily basis. When she was five years old, she experienced her first seizure and it changed her life. As time progressed, these seizures turned into an everyday occurrence ever since the age of ten.

However, with the help of her family and friends, Danie was able to live a happy life. She is a member of the Class of 2020 and of the JV Girls Basketball Chance. Danie started playing Recreation League basketball in third grade. Since then, it has turned into one of her favorite hobbies and she was thrilled to earn a spot onthe JV team.

However, Danie’s journey didn’t stop once she made the team. When the girls took on Wilby, Coach gave Danie the opportunity to play. The girls were winning by a landslide and Danie entered the court for the first time as a JV player.

“The entire gym exploded in cheer,” said Danie’s sister, Jessie.

Danie had the biggest smile across her face which was nice to see since she is sometimes sad due to her condition.

“I am just amazed at how easy Danie is able to fit in with everyone else here at Woodland,” commented Danie’s Best Buddy, Veronica Moscariello.

The JV team went on to defeat Wilby which was followed up by a win from the Varsity team as well. Danie is always an active member in class and is a member of Best Buddies.

“It was a great moment for humanity,” added her sister.

Danie continues to practice with the JV girls and is improving her skills everyday. This goes to show how the Girls Basketball team isn’t ALL about winning, Coach Moffo remains focused on getting everyone equal playing time throughout a game.

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