Senior Project Spotlight: Kica Cheers with Carmen

After being informed of Carmen Mellchione’s interest in joining the cheer team, Cheer Captain, Sabina Kica, decided to pursue helping Carmen join the cheer team as her senior project.

Carmen is very excited to be pursuing this new sport. According to Elaine Mellchione, Carmen has a history of athletics. She has previously participated in soccer, has a red belt in karate, plays basketball for Unified Sports, and does swimming and cycling for the Special Olympics.

She is said to be one of the loudest members of the team, which Kica says serves as a reminder to her fellow cheerleaders that they should all aim to be as loud as her.

From this experience, Kica says that she hopes Carmen can feel a sense of what it is like to be on a close-knit team, stating, “We are all extremely supportive of one another and have a really great relationship, and I want Carmen to be a part of that.”


Kica is very dedicated to making Carmen feel as though she is a part of the team. Through stretching and going over the cheers and jumps with her during Wednesday practices, she wants to ensure that Carmen feels like a member of the team.

With her peer buddy, Leah Vandelft, and encouraging parents and little sister,  Carmen has a very strong support system behind her. Mrs. Mellchione says that her family is very helpful with this experience by attending practices and going over cheers with her.  

Vandelft is also very enthusiastic about Carmen’s new hobby.

“I will definitely be at all the games to support my best friend. I’m so proud and so happy for her to to become a cheerleader,” said Vandelft.At the End of the Tunnel movie

Kica hopes to set a positive example for the underclassmen by proving to them that it is important to include all students in Woodland’s extra-curriculars. She hopes to set a good example and show her team that all students should have the opportunity to participate in Woodland’s extra curricular activities.