Best Buddies Works to Combat Climate Change with Recycling Program

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air today is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years and the Earth’s average temperature is increasing faster than ever before.  One way to combat climate change, which have made a big impact on the world already, is to recycle.

The Best Buddies Program at Woodland runs a recycling program for the entire school. The program is accomplished by Best Buddies members, who come around on the first “B” day of every month to collect the recycling from the bin in each classroom.  

Then, once a month, the best buddies bring the collected recyclables to a local grocery store to deposit all cans and bottles in the recycling machine.  The money earned is deposited into the funds for the best buddies, which are then used for projects and trips for Best Buddies members throughout the school year.

Michael Giorelano, a Best Buddies teacher, enjoys doing the program since it promotes a more green lifestyle amongst the entire student body.

Katonia Newsome, a Best Buddies member, likes participating in the program since it allows her to work in groups and contributes to funds used for projects and field trips throughout the year.  She says that the recycling program has taught her and other members how to count money, use it wisely, and recycle to save the planet.  Her favorite part about the program is going to the store to recycle the cans and bottles.  

Climate change has already made noticeable impacts on the world, but with steps and programs like this one, a more green and sustainable lifestyle is possible.