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Clash of the Clubs

Clubs allow high school students to engage in an outlet outside traditional classroom settings. Woodland Regional High School offers a plethora of clubs for students to choose from, each providing students with immersive learning experiences and memorable friendships.

With a large number of clubs to choose from, it is easy for students to become involved in more than one. Some of Woodland’s most popular clubs include: CSI, Drama, GSA, Student Governement, Best Buddies, Woodland Worldwide, and Quiz Bowl. However, managing various clubs at Woodland can become very difficult to manage. Depending on the commitment, some are easier to manage than others.

Junior Kaylee Walsh is involved in four clubs: Quiz Bowl, Student Government, Woodland Worldwide, and Hawkwings and holds leadership roles in many of them. Walsh explains that these activities often conflict, but she has learned to communicate with advisors in splitting time between meetings.

“Outside of the meeting, it can be time consuming but since I am genuinely interested in all of my clubs and want to be there, I enjoy doing most of my tasks and know it is for a cause I am passionate about,” said Walsh.

Walsh also mentions that her involvement in clubs at Woodland has helped her make an impact within the school community.

“Every club that I do has meaning to me, so I enjoy being in clubs that can help me work with others to make a difference,” said Walsh.

Senior Olivia Rua is involved in Best Buddies and Student Government. Even though both of these clubs are very demanding of time and commitment, the times of the meetings usually do not conflict.

“I’m on the Executive Board for Best Buddies and I do a lot for Student Government so I’m happy that I get to play such an important role in both clubs,” said Rua.

Though being involved in more than one club can become difficult, students can benefit greatly from this type of extracurricular engagement.


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