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Lengyel ‘Lets in the Light’ with Artistic Display

Woodlands fine art department chairperson and photo teacher, Kristen Lengyel, was recently given the opportunity to be a part of a very unique art project. Lengyel works as an art teacher at  “Arts Place” in Cheshire and was sent an email with a call for submission of her artwork to be judged by a jury and possibly selected to be displayed in an interesting location.

Last year, the town of Cheshire decided to renovate a former industrial factory in downtown Cheshire into a new office space, with art work displayed in the formerly boarded up windows. A call for submission was put in Cheshire newspapers and online, calling for Cheshire residents to turn in their artwork to be possibly selected by a jury of three; one being a designer, professor, and illustrator; another being a graphic designer, multimedia artist, and professor; and the last being an artist and professor.

Fifty-eight pieces of work were selected to be put on the windows, ranging from photographs, textile collages, oil pastels, watercolors, mixed-media, acrylics, and more. People from all age groups with various styles turned in their art, with the only requirement being that they had to be a resident of Cheshire.The work on the windows will be able to be seen by the future expansion of the Cheshire bike trail.

With the theme being “Let in the Light,” inspired by famous Cheshire photographer in the 1800’s, John Kensit, Lengyel chose to take a photo of her son with his blue eyes shining in the light. Since it was too bright outside and her son, Jack, didn’t want to open his eyes, the photo was taken with his eyes closed. She then edited the photo of her son using Photoshop, saying she played with negative and positive space to make it work.

Lengyel is very happy to have had her artwork chosen to be displayed with a positive message that brings life back to somewhere that was abandoned and lacking light for many years.

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