Student Government to Hold Moderated Forum in Response to Dress Code Concerns

The purpose of a government is to listen to its citizens and their concerns.

The past two weeks, the Woodland student body has given its Student Government a lot to listen to.

A new dress code has begun to be enforced, one that requires all shoulder straps to be more than three fingers width and shorts to be longer than fingertip length.

Many students have expressed their discontent about the new dress code.

“We had heard numerous students voicing their opinions on the new dress code,” as put by Student Government Junior Board of Education Representative Abby Meliso. “Most of them were not happy and believed some of the new policies were unreasonable.”

Aiming to give a voice to these students, the Student Government organized a forum. This forum will be run by Student Government Board of Education Representatives, Abby Meliso and Anna Witkowski. The representatives have a list of questions prepared to ask students who attend.

Every student is welcome to come and voice their opinion, however, the point of the forum is not to air complaints.

“This forum isn’t being held for a bunch of students to come together and complain about an issue,” clarifies Witkowski, “but to address a concern that is very important to students right now and come together to find what would be the best solution.”

After the forum, the main ideas and solutions brought up will be compiled so that Meliso and Witkowski could present them to the Board of Education at the next meeting.

Meliso and Witowski, who speak at every meeting, are the only way to voice student opinion to the Board of Education.

“Until a student graduates, one cannot speak to the Board of Ed during their Public Comment section of the meeting,” explains Student Government President Noelle Guerrera. Therefore, the only way to voice student opinion to the Board of Ed is through Student Government and our Board Of Ed Representatives.”
For those interested in attending the forum, it will take place in Woodland’s auditorium from 2:15- 3:15.