Girls’ Soccer and Volleyball Teams Hope to Renew NVL Title

As the school year begins, athletes start fresh with a new season, prepared to leave previous titles in the past. For two Woodland sports teams, however, Girls’ Soccer and Volleyball, their previous seasons were nothing short of successful. Both teams took home an NVL title and are determined to keep their streak alive.

The girls soccer team remained undefeated last year and they are working even harder this year to keep that reputation. Although they lost some amazing seniors, the team is still preparing to be exceptional.

Jenna Pannone, senior and one of the team captains said, “We lost a talented senior class, but these younger players are ready to step up to fill the spots.”

A captain of any sports team hopes to share their knowledge with the rest of the team and provide confidence for everyone. Gill Hotchkiss is no different.

Hotchkiss, senior captain said, “Along with my fellow seniors we want to instill confidence and unity in the team to compete for and NVL title”.

Woodland Volleyball also took the NVL title last year and are returning prepared to win once again. Creating a bond with everyone on the team this year is certainly key.

“I’m really looking forward to starting a new season with essentially a brand new team. So far, we’ve been working really well together so I’m excited to see what we can do,” said Katie Minutillo, senior captain.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses while playing a sport is important and having the motivation to continue working hard as the season progresses is essential.


“I think I will benefit the team with my offensive skills, but defensively I am lacking and I hope to become better as the season goes on because defense definitely wins games,” said senior captain Mckenna Cronin.

Both teams may have entered the season with the NVL title on their backs, but their first games are fast approaching and the slate is wiped clean. Girls’ Soccer will play Seymour at Woodland this Friday, November 9. Volleyball will also play this Friday away at Torrington High School.