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Salena DiRubba and Alexa Hassan Receive All-American Title

The Woodland Regional High School Cheerleading Team has been traveling to the National Cheerleader’s Organization (NCA) camp for five years running. Of those five years, however, only two members have made the All-American Team. This year, those girls are junior Salena DiRubba and senior Alexa Hassan.

After being nominated on the second day of camp based on their performance in categories such as cheer, dance, tumbling, stunting and leadership, tryouts took place on the third day. The cheerleaders then had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities while performing stamina jumps, tumbling, and more. Hassan recalls feeling particularly confident following her tryout, especially after being reassured they were being scored on technique instead of difficulty.

Upon making the team, both girls felt proud of their skills and more confident in being positive leaders and role models for their team.

“Hearing your name called in front of a bunch of teams, coaches, parents, and your own team made me feel proud to represent the Woodland cheer team,” said DiRubba.

Though being a member of the  All-American is more of just a title and does not include participating in practice or competitions, DiRubba and Hassan will have the opportunity to walk in parades both in and out of the country and to carry this title with them into college.

DiRubba and Hassan were the only Woodland members chosen to represent the All-American Team this year, but they hope their achievement will motivate the other cheerleaders to work hard and hopefully achieve this title in the future as well.

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