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Senior Project Spotlight: Chris Pinevich Gives Back to the Soldiers with Operation Paperback

Thousands of soldiers, who spend their days in one hundred degree heat, often wish for something to pass the time until they can be reunited with their loved ones. Fortunately, back home, we have selfless patriots like Chris Pinevich who rally the community in order to help those who defend our freedom.

Chris Pinevich’s Senior Project, a book drive on May 21st, collected nearly five hundred books. Pinevich was participating in Operation Paperback, a non-profit organization that collects books to send to our Military and their family members.

Pinevich chose Operation Paperback as his senior project to offer his support to the men, women and children who live in the military.

“I wanted to give back to the country and the servicemen,” stated Pinevich.

Pinevich left a personalized message with each set of books that he sent to the military families. Altogether, Pinevich has a deep respect for the military and utilized his patriotism and appreciation for books to develop this tremendous senior project.

Pinevich hopes his actions will inspire other Woodland students to pursue a similar mission and also gives advice to anyone considering Operation Paperback as their senior project.

Pinevich said, “To anyone thinking of doing Operation Paperback next year as their senior project, I would recommend that you do the book drive as soon as possible in order to have enough time to send the books out and write a letter to the recipients.”

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