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Senior Project Spotlight: Music Video Preserves High School Memories

Upon graduation, high school years are often quickly forgotten with the new-found stress of college and a working life, the forming of new relationships, and the beginning of new experiences.

Thanks to the devotion of Woodland senior Lauren Lombardo to preserving these memories, her senior project music video has ensured that Woodland students’ high school years will not be forgotten.

Lombardo had experience making these types of music videos as she used to make them often with her family. She also made a video with her advisory freshman year and was happy with its success.

“I didn’t know how it would turn out but I was really happy with the overall outcome as well as my other advisees,” said Lombardo.

She had planned to make another one senior year in order to show the growth and changes within the advisory. She then had the idea to include the whole school in the video in order to commemorate this year in Woodland history.

Lombardo began working on this project at the beginning of this school year and finished it in March, just before NEASC visited Woodland. She took videos at most of the school functions throughout the year and had tons of fun doing it.

Lombardo encountered very few problems in the compilation of all the videos into one sequencial film. The only difficulties included matching up the words with the mouth movement of the speaker and ensuring that the sound went with the clips. She was also surprised with just how much footage she would have left at the end of the process.

Lombardo created this video for the whole student body to remind them of the memories they’ve made throughout high school, but it is especially special for seniors.

“The time has finally come where we say goodbye to fellow classmates we’ve met and those we’ve known for almost our entire lives, the teachers who’ve taught us what we know so far and the teams/clubs we’ve gotten to be a part of,” said Lombardo. “It is bittersweet.”

This music video was shown in front of the student body during advisory and the overwhelming response left Lombardo speechless. She describes feeling so grateful for everyone who participated and that the positive feedback made it all worth it.

Lombardo said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my senior year.”

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