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Senior Project Spotlight: Collin Shea Raises Money to Combat Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, a growing problem around the world, has many organizations that help to reduce the amounts of abusive homes in the United States and beyond.  But look no further than Woodland Regional for a way to help.  

Collin Shea, a senior at Woodland Regional, is running a program to collect old cell phones to raise money or be donated to domestic violence victims for his senior project.  The reason why?  

“I thought it would be good to help people in the community that are dealing with it,” said Shea.   

Shea has never been directly affected by it, but still thought it would be good to make it easier for the student body to be able to raise awareness.

The phones are a necessity to Shea’s project.

“The phones are to help raise money to put victims in homes where they can’t be affected.  They are also bringing this big issue into light and raising awareness,” said Shea.

The donated phones also came with accessories such as chargers and earbuds, which will also to help raise money.

Shea added, “I really had no goal for amount of phones collected.  I wanted to collect a few just to raise a bit of money but I ended up with thirty five phones in total.  That adds up and the money raised could reach five hundred dollars.” 

Shea’s project has been doing well and meeting goals, and you can help raise awareness and stop domestic violence by seeing Collin Shea in his advisory (room 114) with any old phones.       

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