The Road to a Working Life

According to, a study conducted in 2014 claimed that 52 percent of teenagers aged between sixteen and eighteen are employed with either part-time or full-time jobs, which is a higher percentage than in previous years.

Teenagers have several reasons for wanting or not wanting a job. Getting a job is a complicated, yet duable process that many teens find manageable. Having a job comes with many benefits along with some negative outcomes that are all part of the decision process of either getting or not getting a job. Despite the negative outcomes of having a job, teens continue to enter the workforce one at a time. Having a job is a large commitment and knowing why to get one is the first step.

Teenagers decide to apply for jobs for several reasons including: the need to pay for financial responsibilities, their own personal expenses, and saving up for important things such as college. Sixteen is the age when kids apply for their permits and eventually their licenses. In order to be able to pay for the car, insurance and gas, it is logical to want to have a job for the financial responsibilities of being a car owner.

Many parents are not as generous as others to pay for all of these expenses and so the only option left is for the child to find a job to earn enough money to pay for these things. Junior, Noelle Guerrera, works at Andie’s Bounce Barn in Seymour to pay for her own car expenses in order to keep driving her car. Sophomore, Kyla Drewry, also works at Andie’s Bounce Barn and uses her earnings to help pay for Driver’s Ed along with an future expenses.

Though most teens spend most of their money on their financial responsibilities, others, like senior, Sarah Bryden, spends her money on personal expenses, doing things that she enjoys. Bryden works at the North Haven Town Pool and got a job to be able to spend the money on going skiing and going to the movies.

College is another reason as to why teens get jobs. Junior, Adem Rifati and senior, Mary Vlamis understand that college is not cheap and therefore work in order to save up money for when it will be time to pay for college among other things.

Juniors, Gillian Hotchkiss and Maribella Sousa choose to not have jobs due to the time commitment.

With the clubs and sports Hotchkiss and Sousa are involved in, there is simply not enough time for them to add a job into their schedules.

“Between school, sports, and other extra curricular activities, there just isn’t enough time for me to have a job,” said Hotchkiss.

Not wanting a job and not being able to find one like junior, Gianna Polletta, are also reasons why many do not have jobs.

There are many reasons and desires for teenagers wanting and not wanting jobs. Financial responsibilities, personal expenses, other commitments, and college are all important when deciding whether to have or not have a job.

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