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Senior Project Spotlight:: Murrae Tiano Bakes Cookies for Those in Need

At Woodland, students have a tremendous opportunity to give back to those in need and share a bit of their family’s culture at the same time.  If your family has a famous cookie recipe, whether it be your family’s famous snicker doodles or something from your ethnic background, you have a chance to share it with the world. Murrae Tiano, a senior at Woodland, will be baking a minimum of one hundred cookies and donating them to a local food bank. If you would like to offer a recipe that you or your family uses, now is your chance.

Murrae Tiano’s senior project is a cookbook with cookie recipes from students and faculty here at Woodland. Her project relies on you, the people of Woodland to share one of your cookie recipes. You will not only leave a lasting legacy here at the nest, but you will be giving Tiano the ability to provide cookies for those in need. Tiano will take everyone’s recipes and create a cookbook, which will remain here at Woodland, for the Culinary and Bake Shop classes to use.

Tiano would prefer unique recipes in order to prevent duplicates. When providing a recipe, please refrain from submitting a very common recipe, like that of a chocolate chip. All recipes that are provided will be used and will go to a local food bank. Tiano would like to interview anyone who provided a recipe in order to get a better understanding of the meaning behind the recipe, whether it be ethnic, family, or just a local tradition. All recipes should be submitted by the first week of March, so there is ample time to conduct the interviews and prepare the cookies.

When Tiano was asked why she choose this for her senior project, she stated  “Cooking is one of my passions, I hope to pursue a career in culinary or baking.”

Tiano also feels that this would be a great opportunity to help out the people of our community that are less fortunate than us, people who may not often have the luxury of getting fresh made cookies. If you would like to provide a recipe, please print out a physical copy of the recipe with your name and contact information on it. Leave the recipe with Tiano who can be found in the Library during advisory, or with Chef Hines, who can be found in the culinary room throughout the day.


If you have any questions regarding the cooking recipe, you can contact Tiano through her e-mail address;

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