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Senior Project Spotlight:: Mary Vlamis Guides Seniors in Aligning Themselves with a Political Candidate

This November, a large number of students at Woodland Regional High School will have the opportunity to vote for the 45th President of the United States. With the presidential race in full swing, many students may be unaware of the candidate they align with.

Mary Vlamis, Woodland senior, hopes to help those seniors out.

As part of her senior project, she will hold an assembly in which she will help seniors better understand their position on political issues, as well as decide who best represents them in the upcoming presidential election. The objective of this assembly is to ensure the future voters of America are informed about the voting process.

The youth of America needs to be informed, and succumb to as little bias as possible. Despite the fact that students will not be directly voting for the president, the Electoral College is greatly influenced by the people. It is crucial to the success of democracy that the people understand who they are voting for.

Vlamis’ senior project will be an activity taking place on March 2nd in the Woodland Gymnasium. The activity will begin with students standing in a single file line. A series of questions will be asked, giving the students an option to step left if they agree with X or step right if they agree with Y. The questions will cover a wide range of topics including economics, foreign policy, social issues, and much more. At the end of the activity, students will have formed the political spectrum and have a better understanding of which party they align with.

After the activity is completed, students will have the opportunity to register to vote, as well as join a political party.

According to Vlamis, “The goal of this activity is to inform the students and help align them with the politician that can best represent their values. It is important that students make educated decisions and understand all angles of the presidential race without any bias from the media.”

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