New Act Bans Microbeads

Small plastic spheres called microbeads can be found in many face cleansers to aid in exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin. When it comes to washing your face, most people don’t really think about what’s going to happen when it goes down the drain. These microbeads seem anything but harmful.

Just last week, however, President Barack Obama signed the Microbead- Free Waters Act. This act will require that all beauty brands on July 1, 2017 eliminate micro-beads in all products.

These seemingly harmless beads are made to last a long time, therefore they don’t break down very easily. This means, after you wash your face, those beads go down the drain and then head straight into the ocean. These beads stay in the ocean for a every long time according to another article by Business Insider which found at least 19 tons of microbeads from just New York.

Many fish around the world are consuming these beads since they are unaware of their harmful effects. Since the shape and size are very similar to fish eggs, they become food for small organisms. These small organisms are then consumed by small fish and shrimp etc.And, unfortunately, humans who consume these fish are also affected.

A couple of brands had already stopped using microbeads in their products before the act was signed. One of these brands that has been using only natural ingredients in their products is LUSH, a brand which manufactures handmade cosmetics.  They have found different alternatives that are not harmful to the world and safe for all types of skin.

So next time you’re about to use a cleanser with microbeads, you might want to rethink your decision and, instead, try to find a better product that is good for both you and the earth.