The Voice Behind the Broadcast

Have you ever listened to a Woodland football broadcast and wondered who was the voice and the face behind the camera? Well, the face is the one of Jack Petrucci, the newest commentator for Hawk Headlines.

Hawk Headlines Sportscaster, Jack Petrucci sets the camera on the game as he gets ready to call Woodland versus Kennedy.

Petrucci is a Kaynor Technical School student, who ever since he was young, has been around sports, watching sports, and waking up early to watch ESPN’s broadcasters. Broadcasting then became his dream, to major in Sports Journalism in college and become a professional. His biggest dream for this career path is becoming an ESPN Sports Network Anchor.

“I would get up early to wake the ESPN broadcasts, and I was like wow, this is something I would love to do,” recalls Petrucci. “As I got older, I used to broadcast the games pretending I was the real commentator.”

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Though he always dreamed of broadcasting, he never got the chance to try it, as Kaynor does not have a journalism program nor its own football team to broadcast about. So when Petrucci was approached by a journalist from Hawk Headlines, who offered him the job as the Woodland football commentator, he quickly accepted.

Through this opportunity as a broadcaster, Petrucci quickly gained experience and got a taste of what broadcasting is and what it takes. It has given him the chance to be in the game and feel what the professionals feel. Not only has he benefitted from this opportunity, but so has Hawk Headlines.

“After Mike Conway graduated and left journalism, Hawk Headlines was missing that voice, a recognizable person to broadcasting,” said Jim Amato, Hawk Headlines advisor. “So we did not get the color and commentary that we now have.”

Hawk Headlines now has the range, dependability, and recognition that come from one broadcaster along with the chance to broadcast away games. On top of that, the constant commentary of the same face has led to an increased growth  in the popularity of the broadcasts. Just recently, Hawk Headlines was able to broadcast both Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer NVL divisional championship games.

Hawk Headlines plans to continue its growth, build a bigger staff for games, and reach more sports and other seasons. So, expect to see more of Jack Petrucci’s face soon- or hear more of his voice.