Summer Styles of 2015

Summer Styles of 2015

Summer is fast approaching, and so are the new summer styles. The hot weather not only brings bright smiles, but also, new fashion. Each year the trending summer styles vary significantly. The most popular styles in past years varied from maxi skirts to high-waisted shorts. This year, the trends are slightly different. 2015 seems to be the summer of comfort and style all in one, making this season a time of fun fashion. All of the teens’ popular stores like Hollister, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and more carry these hot style trends. Summer is a great time to express your uniqueness and a great time to show who you are through your own personal style.


Patterned Prints

You see them everywhere, on everyone, everyday. Crazy prints and crazy colors are in today’s fashion.  From t-shirts, to shorts, to dresses, many patterns prints are featured in the popular teen stores.

pattern dress

Loose-fitted Clothes

Comfort’s in fashion. Nowadays, loose-fitted clothes are in and comfort is a key components to the fashionista’s guideline. Comfort has found a home between casual and dressy clothes.


Lace Materials

Lace, lace and more lace- found in of every fashionista’s wardrobe. Lace gives an offset feeling of conservative and risky all at once making it very appealing to teens these days.

IMG_6479 IMG_6583

Cropped Tops

Like last year’s summer style, cropped tops are once again a hit. Forever 21, Hollister, and Urban Outfitters are all stores that carry these tops which teens rave about while summer shopping.

IMG_6414 IMG_6410

Drop-shoulder Shirts

Drop-shoulder shirts are the new go-to tops. These unique shirts literally drop at the shoulders, leaving bare shoulders and covered arms.


Parachute Pants

These pants fit loosely around your legs and gradually tighten as they reach your ankles- giving comfort and convenience to moving about.


Drapey Shorts

Drapey shorts are loose fitted bottoms that are form-fitting to anyone’s body. These shorts go with almost anything and can be worn formally or casually.



 Rompers, like cropped tops, are back in this summer season once again. Rompers are one-piece outfits that consist of shorts and a top. Rompers complement most bodies and are easy outfits for a last-minute-mornings.

IMG_6489 IMG_6429