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Unified Sports Running Their Last Few Yards

The Unified Sports team runs their last few yards as school comes to a close. Unified Sports, ran by George Meyers, is the outdoor track and basketball team for the special-educated students here at Woodland. It is a way for all the students to have a chance to connect with their peers doing things that they love, like sports.

Meyers speaks collectively, on the 2015 season.

“This year, the season has been a great time. We always have fun in Unified Sports, no matter what is happening.” Meyers said. The basketball season lasted from, December to March, with a total of the team playing five tournaments and games. And the Outdoor track season lasted from March to June with seven meets.

As he spoke about the year and how well the team has been working together, he gave a little insight to their good-sportsmanship logic.

“There’s no set goal to reach in Unified Sports,” Meyers said. “Every year we just want an everlasting effort and positivity to go further. No one wins or loses here. Everyone is a champ.”

The Unified Sports team exceeds in sportsmanship and helpfulness, more and more as the years progress. The team hopes for more people to join in and grow as a family amongst peers in Unified Sports.

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