Woodland Prom 2015(Photos)

The night was incredible for everyone who attended the Woodland Prom on Friday, May 22. Photos were taken in front of the dazzling lake at Waterview in Monroe. Students participated in a scavenger hunt, which called for items such as shoe laces, napkins, and a boys’ t-shirt. Steven Kazalunas raced into the final seat with the tallest man in the room, and took the victory. Students indulged in the smoothie bar, popcorn, pretzels, chocolate fountain, and so much more. After an intense limbo contest, students were asked to take their seats as the Prom King and Queen were announced. The room roared with excitement as Alex Varhol and Emma Sardinskas were pronounced Prom King and Queen of the 2015 Woodland Prom. Woodland danced the night away, and enjoyed a truly spectacular Prom.


Photo Credit: Julia Caruso, Katie Minutillo, and Carly Erickson