WRSC Takes New Mexico

Once the school year is finished, most students are happy to finally have a break from school work and clubs. But not the student leaders at Woodland. Through the summer, members of the student government are continuing their work to better the Student Council program.

This summer, nine members of Student Council and their advisor, Chris Tomlin, are traveling to Rio Rancho High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here, these members will spend three days attending the National Association of Student Council Leadership Conference, where they can learn about new ideas to better Student Council. At the NASC conference, student leaders can take classes that are dedicated to various attributes of being a leader or interests. They will attend conference wide events, like service activities or listening to guest speakers.

“We gain the experience that comes from talking to other student leaders from other states, and for me, to talk to other advisors to see what they do and learn more,” said Tomlin.

For some of the attending members, this is their second time attending the NASC conference, after going to the conference last year in Orlando, Florida. These returning leaders enjoyed the experience last year’s conference gave them and hope they will find the same inspiration this time around.

Recording Secretary of the WRSC, Noelle Guerrera, will be attending the conference for the second time. Guerrera believes that, “The conference is an interesting experience because we  will be able to talk to students from all of over the U.S., which gives us a chance to see how similar or different they are from us.”

The WRSC members use the conference as an inspiration to try new things and make the events held at Woodland better.

“I cannot wait to go again to learn new things and expose myself to new ideas in order to develop our organization here,” said Communication Secretary of the WRSC, Olivia Rua.