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Local Business Spotlight: Tea With Tracy

As spring arrives, so does one of the most frustrating national holidays of the year: Mothers’ Day. Instead of knitting my mother a scarf, personalizing a flowerpot, or crafting her a macaroni necklace, I decided to bring my mother, a tea fanatic named Tracy, to Tea with Tracy. Ironic.

Located in Seymour, Connecticut, Tea with Tracy is a tea room that serves over 200 flavors of tea, cocoa, and other refreshing beverages. However, for anyone looking for a delicious meal, they also have food such as flavored scones, tea sandwiches, and fresh pastries.

For Mother’s Day, I brought my mother, grandmother, and aunt to Tea with Tracy for a relaxing afternoon brunch. On the other hand, I was also on a mission to discover if the hype about this tea room is justified.

The minute we walked in, it was easy to tell that the room was packed with everyone and their mother… literally. One would expect a long wait on such a busy day, even with a reservation. To our surprise, we were greeted by a bubbly waitress who escorted us to a table immediately.

Every table and chair in the restaurant was mismatched, and each table was adorned with a vase filled with fresh roses, pink mums, and those little white flowers which no one really knows the name of. Each teacup, saucer, and floral napkin didn’t have a match, so the whole “I opened a business and didn’t feel like coordinating the china” theme was very apparent.

The menu, laid at a perfect ninety-degree angle corresponding with the edge of the table, was filled with “over 200 flavors of tea”. I didn’t count, but judging by the font size and the general amount of words on the paper, the list of flavors either surpassed or matched its claim.

I chose the Blueberry Crumb Cake flavored tea, hoping that it would taste like Grandma’s fresh blueberry cake poured down my throat, but I expected that it would taste like the product of one of mom’s Pinterest experiments.

The tea arrived in a piping hot porcelain pot, and tasted true to its name. Paired with a whole wheat cucumber-mint sandwich and a slice of chewy banana bread, this tea brunch was a perfect meal. The tea was perfectly steeped, and the meal itself made me feel like a middle-aged philanthropist having afternoon brunch on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

My mother, grandmother, and aunt graciously exchanged gifts and chatted about the politics of working in a dental office, while I listened and added the occasional “yeah” or “that’s true”. Overall, they enjoyed themselves thoroughly and agreed that it was nice to spend a day together without any stress.

We were very pleased with this business. The atmosphere was adorable, the food was flavorful, interesting, and well-balanced, the service was speedy, the employees were polite, and the tea selection was superb. Tea with Tracy is a local business that deserves all of the praise it receives, and it helped make this past Mothers’ Day a very special one.



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