World Lanuage Honor Society Goes Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is a popular form of social dance, which incorporates Latin American culture into the moves, music, and sometimes costumes. On Friday, May 15, the World Language Honor Society and AP students taking foreign language will be traveling to Alisa’s House of Salsa for salsa dancing lessons.
Usually, after the field trip, the group ends the day with food from that culture.Last year, the World Language Honor Society had Italian food, so this year they decided to go with Spanish cuisine. After the lessons, they will be going to Solun for a tapas lunch.

“The field trip is to show students how although we don’t live in the countries we study their cultures in our own area. Culture is not restricted to just the country it comes from, it is found all around us.” says Daniela Santos.

Students who have the opportunity to go on this field trip should because once they experience the different culture, students might realize how much it means to the people of that culture. Sometimes, it is hard to appreciate, learn, and teach culture without the proper background and involvement. All students in the World Language Honor Society and AP students are encouraged to take this opportunity to learn about the background and culture of the Spanish by salsa dancing!