WRSC Wins Gold for the Second Year

Woodland Regional Student Council has reclaimed their title on the Gold Council of Excellence for the second consecutive year.

The WRSC was rewarded for their hard work when they won the 2015 Gold Council of Excellence Award from the National Association of Student Council. After a year long application process stretching from January to January, they finally received the news of this achievement. Mary Vlamis, Student Body President, describes feeling pleased rather than excited.

“I’m very glad that the student government was able to uphold its prestige this year because its an indicator that we are still on the right track,” said Vlamis.

In order to accomplish this achievement, student council students along with advisor, Chris Tomlin, put together an application. When applying, the 54 different determining factors are broken down into several categories such as events, service, social, charity activities, and self governance. Self governance relates to how the program is structured, how they hold elections, and how they carry themselves as a whole. Their eligibility depends on the number of these categories the program matches. Tomlin worked with the students during this application process.

“It is a lot of reflection going through and determining what we’ve done that meets the characteristics that they’re looking for,” said Tomlin.

The WRSC met these standards becoming the only public school in Connecticut to win this award. The WRSC will also receive special recognition when they visit the National Leadership Conference in New Mexico this summer.

Tomlin is very thrilled with the program’s success.

“It is very cool to be able to say we have this highest recognition on the national level,” said Tomlin.