WRSC to Hold First Ever Mr. Woodland Competition

On June 12th the first ever Mr. Woodland will be selected. It might be your friend, teammate, boyfriend or- if you are an upperclassmen boy- it could be you.

Mr. Woodland is a competition in which upperclassmen boys will compete in various categories. Their scores from those categories (which will be determined by a panel of judges) will be factored together. The boy with the highest score will receive a T-Shirt, sash, restaurant gift card, and the bragging rights that come with being the first Mr. Woodland.

The categories that contestants will be competing in are as follows: casual wear, formal wear, talent, and interview. Casual wear and formal wear are simply categories in which boys will showcase their personality and charisma. For the talent portion, the boys will have to demonstrate one of their talents on the stage. During the interview portion, the boys will be asked to answer questions in front of the audience. They contestants will be given their questions ahead of time so they can prepare thoughtful responses.
Overall, contestants will be scored on how they carry themselves, how fluently they speak onstage, and the difficulty level of the talent they present.

Although only junior and senior boys can compete in the competition, the rest of the student body can play a role in the People’s Choice portion of the competition. Anyone who attends the competition will receive one vote for the competitor of his or her choice. However, they can buy more votes for their personal favorite (one dollar buys five additional votes.)
All proceeds generated during this event through both ticket and vote sales go directly to the Student Government’s trip to the National Leadership conference in New Mexico. Ironically, the Student Government got the idea for Mr. Woodland at the last National Leadership conference they attended.

“I talked to kids from Student Governments all over the country, and a lot of them hold Mr. Woodland- type competitions at their own school,” said Student Body President Mary Vlamis. “They said the events are huge fundraisers as well as a really enjoyable experience for the entire student body.”
So, what to do if you want to be the next Mr. Woodland? You simply have to fill out an application and pay a twenty-five dollar registration fee.

Vlamis says, “Some students are concerned about the registration fee, however the fee is just to cover the costs of the prizes we will be giving them, as well as the police and fire department’s pay because when we have a large event after school they need to be present.”

There are only going to be about twelve contestants, so if you are interested, you might want to secure your spot early on. If you are selected as a contestant, you will need to attend two rehearsals the week before the competition in order to ensure that the show goes smoothly.