Senior Project Spotlight: Michael Marti Makes a Movie

Like a lot of teenagers, Michael Marti found his passion in a high school class. For Marti, that class was Digital Media and the passion was the art of filmmaking.

“I want to go to school to study film,” explained Marti. “And I wouldn’t have learned any of my skills if it wasn’t for Digital Media.”

So when it came time for Marti to choose a senior project, it was only natural that he decided to make a short film.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing scripts and storylines in Digital Media,” explained Marti. “So I thought that the Senior Project would be a good place for me to make my own film from start to finish.”

Marti started by writing the storyline for the film, a 17-page script that tells the story of Ethan, a teenage boy who goes through a very hard breakup. He is really struggling but with the help of his friends and a new girl, Iris, he starts to become himself again.

“I want to convey a message of hope with this film,” explained Marti. “I want people to remember that one little thing can always make a big difference, can always turn things around.”

After finishing the plot, Marti had to recruit actors and crew members to create the final project.  Along with writing the script and directing the production, Marti will be staring in the film as well.

“I don’t know how it happened but I’ll be playing the main character, Ethan,” said Marti. “Nicole Cina is playing the role of Iris, Zach Norekia is the main character’s best friend.”

Members of the Digital Media Department are also assisting Marti with producing the film. Alexa Charette was the art director on the film, Drew Chura the director of photography, Mitch Mountinho led the editing and Aidan Music was the producer. When completed the film will air at the Woodland Film Showcase on April 24 as part of Meghan Terry’s senior project. Marti will also post the link to his film on his Twitter and YouTube pages.

For more details on Marti’s filmmaking follow @martilikeatiger or check out his YouTube channel